McGruff SafeGuard Browser

For the past 5 years, McGruff SafeGuard has helped tens of thousands of parents keep their children and teens safe online. Now McGruff SafeGuard will keep your children safe when browsing on the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

Set filtering based on age range, or select from over 60 website categories, including porn, dating, violence, malware, phishing, sex education, abortion and gambling. Specify websites by name to allow or block.  Some features require in-app purchase for full control.

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McGruff Safeguard Child Safe Internet Filter Safari-like Browser helps provide internet safety for your kids. It offers web tracking, a website blocker, and web filters. It works just like Safari, but includes parental controls. The McGruff SafeGuard browser will ensure your child only views websites that you consider appropriate. You can restrict your child's access by age (CHILD / TEEN / ADULT), or you can select the categories of blocked websites. Once you've signed up with YOUR email address, you will receive a daily summary of your child's activity, including the number of websites visited, and the number of websites that were blocked. If your child attempts to visit an inappropriate website, the website will be blocked. You can specify individual websites that you always want to block, or allow. Touch the ALLOW SPECIFIC WEBSITES to add websites always allowed. You don't need to specify the enter website address - you can enter part of the website and every website that matches will be allowed. Similarly, you can touch DENY SPECIFIC WEBSITES and enter full or partial website addresses. Sometimes you may want to turn off restrictions when you and your child are looking at websites together. To turn off website restrictions for a short period of time, set RESTRICT WEBSITES to OFF, and select the length of time to turn it off. When restrictions are shut off, the web address box on the browser page is LIGHT RED (to remind you that restrictions are off). If your child continues to use SAFARI, or any number of other browser apps available in the app store, McGruff SafeGuard cannot keep your child safe from inappropriate websites. You now need to lock the iPhone/iPad to prevent your child from using browsers other the McGruff SafeGuard browser. By default, all restrictions are turned off, so your child can do anything they want with the phone. To enable restrictions, touch the RESTRICT select. You may also want to restrict your child from INSTALLING APPS (such as a another web browser that's in the iTunes store). In any case, to prevent your child from deleting & re-installing McGruff SafeGuard (to change its settings under a different sign-in), you should restrict DELETING APPS. While you are on this screen, you may want to think about other restrictions, such as YouTube (which has videos that contain explicit language) or iTunes or Music (avoid explicit content). These restrictions do not affect McGruff SafeGuard browser, but you may want to consider what's OK for your child and what isn't. Can McGruff SafeGuard Browser monitor and control the Facebook app or other apps? No - the limitation of Apple's iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad prevents one app from affecting another. It's one way that Apple uses to keep the iPhone very secure. You wouldn't want one app that you downloaded to have access to private data from another app. Hence, your child's browsing experience can only be controlled when they use the McGruff SafeGuard Browser app. If you want to stop your child from using Facebook, you should block the Facebook website (or the category "Social Networks") using the McGruff SafeGuard Browser, but you also need to restrict the Facebook App on the iPhone/iPad as well. Is there a McGruff SafeGuard for Windows PCs? Yes - McGruff SafeGuard for PCs provides full parental control of your child's PC. It records all PC activity, including Facebook, as well as websites visited, chats, passwords, emails, searching and keystrokes. It automatically controls PC use & time limits and blocks porn & other inappropriate websites. It will notify you you via email or text message when your child's online behavior is worrisome, and you can view your child's activity from your work or home. Visit parental control software for more info ipod touch parental controls ipad parental controls iphone parental controls ipad parental control ipad restrictions