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Review of McGruff SafeGuard Child Safe Browser for iPad/iPhone

Your Child isn't safe on your iPad Without This FREE App

PROS - Let me start by saying that although this version of the app is free, I would gladly pay for it based on the importance of what it does and how well it does it.

CONS - The graphics are pretty bare bones which is fine because I would prefer that to something that wastes precious browser space. However, I wouldn’t mind some options for customizing colors as this may encourage children to use it more as well.

SUMMARY - Overall, McGruff Safeguard Browser is a well built iPad app that accomplishes everything that it sets out to do. In my testing of the app, the browsing speed of the app was very comparable to that of Safari for iPad, so no concerns there. It also did a good job of blocking sites that would not be safe for children (Playboy, etc.).

The email updates are both a surprising and welcome feature that make it very convenient to keep tabs on what your child is doing. This is especially true of the email that notifies you that your child has not used the app in a while. I also like that you can see a usage summary of the number of viewed/blocked sites within the app itself. As noted above, for full details regarding which sites were visited you will need to upgrade.