Sexual Content

It's the most important thing a parent should have...

"McGruff SafeGuard is great! I had a couple incidences with my 14 year old daughter. There were boys at her school that she was friends with and they started to say things to her that were sexual and degrading. I was glad I had the opportunity to view the comments to let my daughter know that what they were saying was disrespectful and that "no boy or man" has a right to talk to any girl the way they did. Also, that she should have responded back to them with disgust and that it was unacceptable. I do not feel like I am invading her privacy because there are so many issues that come up and need to be discussed in today's society. I did however tell my daughter that I have McGruff SafeGuard and it alerts me to sexual content via email. McGruff SafeGuard is the most important thing a parent should have if they allow their child freedom on the computer-internet. I personally know of a parent that does not have McGruff SafeGuard and never checks up on their child to see what they are doing on the internet. If they only knew that this boy spent most of his nightly hours on the x-rated sites and is hooked on pornography."

P. Horfelt, Starkville, MI

He was supposed to be a really nice boy...

"I got this product after my daughter started talking to a new boy at school. He was supposed to be a really nice boy, preachers son. The language he used was horrible. He wanted to meet her and spend some time with her without her parents knowing. My daughter volunteers at an elementary school after she is done with her high school. The boy wanted my daughter to meet her after school to get to know her better. They decided it would be a good idea not to tell their parents. The boy is 18 and my daughter 16. I found out through chat checker that they were going to meet and where. After that reading the things he said to her were horrible. I printed the conversations out and gave them to his father. I also let him know before I gave his parents the conversations that I knew what he was saying to my daughter."

S. Scapura, Oakland, CA

Helped prevent heartache...

The couple things I have been able to do is

1 - catch my oldest step-child (20 yr old) in a discussion about having sex with a 15 year old and was able to stop it before it happened and prevent him from possible arrest.

2 - see my oldest daughter in conversation with her friends about some of her relationships and help prevent heartache and frustration for her and tell her to talk to me about her relationships and not her friends."

J. Bartley, Lake City, SC