FINDING McGruff SafeGuard   
  • Will my children know McGruff SafeGuard is installed on their PC?

We recommend that you talk with your child about online safety and tell them you will be monitoring their Internet activity in order to help keep them safe.  An open dialog will help you maintain a good relationship and give you the opportunity to establish Internet guidelines with your child.

When you install McGruff SafeGuard, an icon is placed on the desktop you are monitoring.  If you are using the McGruff SafeGuard Home and you delete this icon, PLEASE REMEMBER, IT WILL REAPPEAR IN 30 DAYS.  After that, you will need to upgrade to McGruff SafeGuard Home Plus.

If you already purchased McGruff SafeGuard Home Plus, McGruff SafeGuard icons can be deleted, and will not reappear. and will not affect the software. 

If you choose to delete this icon (right click on it and select DELETE), you may want access the program running on your child's PC .  To access McGruff SafeGuard on your child's PC, sign in to the website and click GET HELP.   If you delete an icon, you may want to also delete that from the Recycle Bin as well.

McGruff SafeGuard does not appear in the Control Panel's  Add/Remove Software or Programs and Features.

McGruff SafeGuard does not show up in the Task Manager

Website to visit

You can visit the McGruff SafeGuard website without leaving a McGruff SafeGuard "footprint" in your browser history by visiting: