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 Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can McGruff SafeGuard Browser monitor and control the Facebook app or other apps?
    No - the limitation of Apple's iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad prevents one app from affecting another. It's one way that Apple uses to keep the iPhone very secure. You wouldn't want one app that you downloaded to have access to private data from another app.

    Hence, your child's browsing experience can only be controlled when they use the McGruff SafeGuard Browser app.

    If you want to stop your child from using Facebook, you should block the Facebook website (or the category "Social Networks") using the McGruff SafeGuard Browser, but you also need to restrict the Facebook App on the iPhone/iPad as well.

  • Can I capture my child's text messaging or email?
    No - for the same reason as above.

  • Can my child remove the McGruff SafeGuard Browser?
    Yes - that's why we send you a daily report showing you how much your child is using it. If you get an email indicating they have not used it for a while, there's a chance they are using a different browser - and that you didn't RESTRICT installing new apps, or you didn't RESTRICT Safari.

  • Can McGruff SafeGuard Browser control my child's access to YouTube?
    Yes - but you need to disable the YouTube app - your child will access YouTube via the McGruff Browser. Touch here for details on using YouTube's Safety Mode with McGruff SafeGuard Browser.

  • Can I specify which sites my child can visit?
    By purchasing the in-app SILVER upgrade, you can customize categories, specific websites, YouTube and many other things. Touch here for details on the SILVER Upgrade.

  • Can I see details of what my child has done?
    By purchasing the in-app SILVER upgrade, you can view blocked sites, full history, searches and usage time. Touch here for details on the SILVER Upgrade. To get an email of your child's full history of sites visited and blocked, purchase the GOLD Upgrade.

  • Can I login to a website to see my child's activity?
    Yes - that's in our GOLD upgrade. You can control any number of Apple mobile devices (iPads, iPhones, iPods) from one web login, and using your browser, see your family's activity, and modify settings.

  • Can I use this to manage iPads at our school?
    Yes - Touch for more information: School Features.

  • Can I get an email of what my child has done? br /> By purchasing the in-app GOLD upgrade, you can get an email daily or weekly of every site your child has visited, or attempted to visit. Touch here for details on using Email Reporting.

  • How can I share my iPhone/iPad among several people?
    You can set different filtering restrictions for each family member. Touch here for details on using Multi User Mode.

  • How can I control how much time is spent browsing by my child?
    You can set up a schedule of when it browsing is allowed. Touch here for details on using Schedules.

  • How can hide any of the buttons or bookmarks such as Parental Control or History?
    You can hide buttons and bookmarks. Touch here for details on using Settings.

  • Is there a McGruff SafeGuard for Windows PCs?
    Yes - McGruff SafeGuard for PCs provides full parental control of your child's PC. It records all PC activity, including Facebook, as well as websites visited, chats, passwords, emails, searching and keystrokes. It automatically controls PC use & time limits and blocks porn & other inappropriate websites. It will notify you you via email or text message when your child's online behavior is worrisome, and you can view your child's activity from your work or home. Visit

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